What's Up Down Under?: Six60

Today is the first time I’m discussing a band from New Zealand which is bad considering I’ve been here for over two months now. However, I feel Australian artists typically have more of a name in the UK minus some of the big Kiwi acts such as Lorde. Nevertheless, the first New Zealand band I’ll be introducing you to are ‘Six60’ – when I asked my new kiwi friends who to talk about, there was an overwhelming response for this band to be in the spotlight so, here we go.

‘Their vibe is the classic boyband, the kind that is adored by students and their mothers alike.’

If I am to be completely honest, I am a little undecided on my opinion of the group even now, some I really enjoy but others really aren’t to my liking. They sound a bit too close to your stereotypical boyband, there seems to be nothing new going on here. I must say that once you delve into their albums a bit deeper, the content is a lot better than the initial five songs you get to hear on Spotify.

Their vibe is the classic boyband, the kind that are adored by students and their mothers alike. They have been known to sell out stadiums of 50,000 people. Songs such as Purple make me understand how they achieve this – they definitely have songs that could captivate a stadium. Another crowd favourite Woke Up Late is one I’d recommend a listen to.

In order to celebrate Māori Language Week 2019, one of the bands singles Don’t Forget Your Roots has been translated into te reo Māori – the language of the indigenous people of New Zealand. It’s a really beautiful language and the album it is a part of – Waiata – is lovely, but more on that in the next instalment of ‘Culture Shock’. Definitely worth a listen if you fancy something a little different though.

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