Fan smashes guinness world record by identifying most Taylor Swift songs by lyrics in one minute

Die-hard Taylor Swift Fan Sets New Guinness World Record

A dedicated Taylor Swift fan from Pakistan has made history by breaking the Guinness World Record for identifying the most Taylor Swift songs from their lyrics in just one minute. Bilal Ilyas Jhandir, a twenty-year-old college student, beat the previous record of 27 songs by correctly identifying 34 of Taylor Swift’s popular tunes.

The Ultimate Swiftie

Jhandir, who considers himself a die-hard fan of the pop star, shared his love for Taylor Swift with Guinness World Records, stating that he has been listening to her music since childhood and can identify almost any song from its lyrics. His dedication to the artist is evident in the extensive preparation he underwent for the record-breaking attempt. Jhandir spent 13 weeks familiarizing himself with Taylor Swift’s songs, even reciting them in his sleep.

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The Record-Breaking Moment

To secure the world record, Jhandir had to correctly name each song from its beginning lyrics. These lyrics were read aloud by a man without any musical accompaniment. The chosen songs were part of Taylor Swift’s top 50 best-selling tunes. With his deep knowledge of her discography, Jhandir proved his mastery by flawlessly naming 34 songs within the allotted minute.

A Fan’s Extraordinary Love

Jhandir expressed his extraordinary love for Taylor Swift and his admiration for her talent. He commended her songwriting abilities, highlighting the emotional depth and personal connection she establishes with her listeners. Being able to showcase his immense appreciation for her through his world record achievement was a dream come true for this certified Swiftie.


An Impressive Track Record

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Setting records has become a trend for Bilal Ilyas Jhandir. Prior to his Taylor Swift record, he had already broken three other world records. In 2021, he earned the title for the most animals identified from their sounds in one minute, correctly identifying 23 animals. Last year, Jhandir surpassed the previous record by identifying 29 Justin Bieber songs from their lyrics in one minute. Additionally, he holds the record for creating the largest sapling word.

Despite his previous achievements, Jhandir considers his latest world record as his favorite accomplishment to date. Earning the title of “Certified Swiftie” or “Officially Amazing Swiftie” brings him an incredible feeling of pride and fulfillment. As he continues to support his favorite artist, Jhandir’s passion and dedication serve as an inspiration to other fans worldwide.

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