Amelia Earhart’s lost plane possibly discovered: pilot’s claim sparks new hope

An expedition led by Deep Sea Vision claims to have discovered what could potentially be the wreckage of Amelia Earhart’s lost plane at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. The crew made the find after scanning over 5,200 square miles of ocean floor near Howland Island.

The Discovery

Deep Sea Vision announced its discovery on social media, sharing an image of a plane-shaped object captured by sonar. While it is yet to be confirmed if the wreckage is indeed Earhart’s missing plane, pilot and investor Tony Romeo is confident that the debris is connected to the crash. He points out that there have been no other known crashes in the area, especially not of that era or design.

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The Search Effort

Romeo, a former U.S. Air Force intelligence officer, has invested $11 million in funding the search for Earhart’s plane. The crew utilized the Kongsberg Discovery HUGIN 6000, an advanced unmanned underwater drone, to explore the ocean floor.

Further Evidence Required

While the discovery has sparked excitement, experts in deep-sea exploration are eager for more evidence before drawing any definitive conclusions. The crew plans to return to the site in the near future to gather additional information and determine the nature of the apparent wreckage.

The Future of the Wreckage

If confirmed as Earhart’s plane, the next step would be how to retrieve and salvage the wreckage. Romeo believes that the plane belongs in the Smithsonian, stating that it shouldn’t remain at the bottom of the ocean.

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Key Points
The potential discovery of Amelia Earhart’s lost plane has generated new hope.
Deep Sea Vision claims to have found what appears to be Earhart’s Lockheed 10-E Electra.
No other crashes of that era or design have been reported in the area.
More evidence is needed to verify the wreckage before any conclusions can be made.
The crew plans to return to the site for further investigation.

The potential discovery of Amelia Earhart’s lost plane has generated excitement and renewed hope. While further evidence is required to confirm the nature of the wreckage, the search effort led by Deep Sea Vision offers a promising lead in unraveling the mystery surrounding Earhart’s disappearance.

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