Luke Littler’s Girlfriend, 21, Pays Tribute to His World Darts Championship Win: A Love Story in the World of Darts and Beauty Consulting

Luke Littler’s Victory at the World Darts Championship: A Love Story in the Making

Luke Littler’s Impressive Run at the World Darts Championship

The World Darts Championship saw 16-year-old Luke Littler make history as the youngest player to ever reach the final. Although he finished as the runner-up, losing to Luke Humphries, Littler’s performance captured the attention of fans worldwide.

A Supportive Girlfriend and Family

Eloise Milburn, Littler’s girlfriend, was a constant presence at Alexandra Palace throughout the tournament. In a social media post, Milburn expressed her immense pride in Littler’s achievements and referred to the past few weeks as a whirlwind. Despite her tears after Littler’s defeat in the final, Milburn remains steadfast in her support.

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A Promising Future in Darts

Although Littler narrowly missed out on becoming the youngest world champion in darts’ history, he has been hailed as a future star of the sport. With his impressive skills and determination, many believe that Littler has a bright future ahead in the world of darts.

A Love Story in the Making

Luke Littler and Eloise Milburn’s relationship blossomed just six weeks before the World Darts Championship. Introduced by mutual friends, their shared passion for boxing and darts brought them closer together. Despite facing criticism and online trolls, the couple remains committed to each other.

Addressing Criticism and Trolls

Support from Milburn’s Family

Eloise Milburn’s mother has defended her daughter against online trolls who accused her of being with Littler solely for his fame and money. Milburn’s parents emphasize that their daughter is genuine in her feelings for Littler and refute the baseless claims made about her.

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Darts and Beauty Consulting

Milburn, a beauty consultant and a passionate amateur darts player, represents the Surrey Women’s darts side. Littler has expressed his desire to help Milburn improve her game and is looking forward to practicing with her. Their shared interests and support for each other create a strong bond between them.

A Future Together

Staying Strong Amidst Criticism

In interviews, Littler has made it clear that he and Milburn will continue to support each other, regardless of others’ opinions. The couple remains resilient in the face of negativity and is determined to make their relationship work.

Luke Littler’s journey at the World Darts Championship is not just a tale of sporting excellence but also a love story in the making. With the support of his girlfriend and family, Luke Littler has become a rising star in the world of darts. Together, he and Eloise Milburn navigate the challenges of public scrutiny, proving that their relationship is built on genuine love and support. As they look towards a promising future, both in darts and in their personal lives, Luke Littler and Eloise Milburn show that success can be found both on and off the oche.

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