The Secret to How Musical Talent Really Gets Noticed Today

Right now, there are a million and one new bands looking for that big break. But in an age where everything is instant and anyone can have a voice, how would you make yours heard? One band from Nottingham is proving that the old-fashioned approach might be the way forward.

Our generation is one of instant gratification and quick fixes. If you want some food, order it to your door. If you want some sex, swipe right on tinder. If you want some music, stream it for free instantly. Social media has taught us that we can instantly get people liking, retweeting and sharing what we do. The pings and rings of Facebook and Twitter have become the sounds of reward and recognition.

Lucy Beresford, UK-based psychotherapist says: ‘We almost do things specifically to post them on Facebook and then to get that feedback, to get that instant gratification, and that’s not healthy.’ If you can orchestrate a mass fancy dress dance, or reluctantly hold down a pint of kitchen condiments, you’re famous. For a moment at least. The question is; how has this culture affected how musicians try to break out?

Anyone with a half decent camera, or webcam can upload a Daft Punk cover to YouTube in no time. Once it’s up there all you have to do is sit back and wait for the likes, views and record contracts to roll in. Right? The millions that are being ignored would disagree. If you want to get noticed, you’re going to have to work hard. Just like new Nottingham based band, Twelve.

Since the foursome got started in January this year they’ve been playing live to audiences around the east midlands non-stop. Nottingham’s Acoustic Rooms is an institute of Nottingham talent. Jake Bugg, London Grammar and recent breakouts Amber Run have all played there in their early days. Now, Twelve have taken up their own regular spot.’It’s not all about Likes and Views’, says lead singer Alex Grace: ‘it’s about putting on a good show’.

There’s a lot of doom and gloom in the music industry about pirates downloading and venues shutting down. So, if you’re looking to find some really good music, get out and go and see some live.

Twelve are next at Acoustic Rooms on Monday 3rd March.