The Jukebox #3: Jerusalem – Sinead O’Connor

You might know Sinead O’Connor best from her recent open letter to Miley Cyrus telling her to stop acting like a prostitute, but I beg of you to give her a real listen, and where best to begin than from the start?

The Lion and The Cobra was the debut album of Irish singer Sinead O’Connor back in 1987. Raw, electrifying and politically charged, the album is passionate and vulnerable, with themes of religion, politics and sexuality.

O’Connor has some of the most beautiful and stripped back vocals in music, with this debut as a prime example. Jerusalem in particular clearly alludes to the religious turbulence of Ireland since the ’60s. This video is one of my favourites, gig footage from her ’88 gig at the London Dominion Theatre, her performance is so angry, energised and fierce.

It’s an almost frenzied show as she jumps on the spot, practically screaming her impressive vocal range, with her iconic shaved head. At 21 years old it’s one of her youngest performances you can find around and it is a really beautiful example of Sinead O’Connor at her roots.

by Kamiah Overaa