The Coral lifted the roof off a sold-out Rescue Rooms

The Coral lifted the roof off a sold-out Rescue Rooms on a triumphant return to the city of Nottingham as their well-publicised return begins to gather momentum.

With tickets sold out well in advance, the crowds gathered outside the venue buzzing with anticipation were joined by those begging for any spares and scouring the streets in search of one of the most sought after tickets for this venue in a long time. For those lucky enough to be in attendance, the band did not disappoint.

Complete with hat, James Skelly led his group out to a standing ovation and proceeded to break straight into ‘Miss Fortune’, the second single of newly released eighth album ‘Distance Inbetween’, and within the opening 20 minutes of the set first single ‘Chasing the Tail of a Dream’, without a doubt the pick of the songs played off the new record (not an insult towards the others – it’s the best of an impressive bunch), the guitar riff throughout the song absolutely outstanding. The crowd was surprisingly quiet considering how sought after tickets had been, livening up only halfway through the gig when James Skelly swapped to an acoustic guitar for old favourite ‘In the Morning’, while late on in the set classics ‘Pass It On’ and notably most famous single ‘Dreaming of You’, made it a set to remember.

However, The Coral are not just about the music, and what sets them apart live is the fact that it’s a show, rather than just a set. The lights, the background displays, their infectious enthusiasm on stage, everything about it makes The Coral a must-see live. If you weren’t fortunate enough to see them this time, don’t make the same mistake again!

By Archie Banks



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