Sundara Karma sell out Rescue Rooms

Sundara Karma have been on a stellar rise in the past few months. From the ecstatic shows of Glastonbury and Reading and Leeds, the band are back to prove their worth in a UK tour. They have gained a strong fanbase who share their energetic fervour and lust for life, all from two EPs and a few single releases. All of this, and they are still in their teens, an impressive show of their talent.

What makes them stand out from the generic indie boyband is their ability to instantly engage and connect, from the first few seconds of intros you are hooked. Songs like Loveblood offer classic catchy vocals, frantic beats and chant-able lyrics like ‘Hey, what’s that from above? It’s a love for blood.’.  Single Indigo Puff reveals their atmospheric and chilled out side, offering the variety that people want from a band, they are no one-trick pony. Their instagram alone proves they have a sense of fun which permeates into their live performances and the audience. However the title of their upcoming album ‘Youth is only ever fun in retrospect’ suggests they aren’t as shallow as they appear.With their androgynous aesthetics and range of style, Sundara Karma refuse to be anything but themselves.

The four piece will play to a packed crowd at Rescue Rooms on Tuesday, which promises to live up to the hype.

Photo courtesy of Alix Wenmouth



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