Review: Alan Walker – Faded (Tiesto Remixes)

It’s a shame that Tiësto’s once glowing, coveted career has come to this.

Making minor tweaks to one of 2016’s hottest tracks and perhaps the revival that EDM’s been seeking does not work any wonders.  Alan Walker has done a fantastic job in crafting such a beautiful, wide-reaching song that has appealed to each and every continent and radio channel that it has graced.  So why Tiësto needs to come along and milk pennies from the music industry for these two shocking excuses for remixes, I’ll never know.

A remix should redefine, reshape and resculpt an already successful song and push it in a completely new direction.  All Tiësto has done is add some crappy Virtual DJ flangers and stutter the opening lyrics.  Poor, beyond words can describe.  Secondly, for someone not renowned as a deep house producer, why offer up an even poorer remix to this EP?  It’s as if he realised how diabolic his Northern Lights remix was that he thought he could sugarcoat it by revealing his ability to showcase across a plethora of genres … well I hate to say it, but a Jack of all trades is a master of none and Tiësto wouldn’t even pass the foundation year in the house industry.  Shocking work from a producer whose success came in the past but he’s trying to understand the present.

Move along Tiësto, the music industry has bigger things on the horizon and I’m afraid you’re nowhere near it.  Stick to your record label and finding talent much fresher than yourself.

By Luke Matthews



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