Psych-Grunge Trio Brooders are paying the Chameleon a visit

New to Notts and want to experience the DIY scene? Check out Brooders at the Chameleon Arts Café

Nottingham has a special music scene, so widely renowned that out of every city in the world the mighty Rough Trade chose Nottingham as the destination for its fourth shop, with the others located in the music hubs of London and New York. A strength lies in the range of capacities each venue holds, from the mighty, grandious arena all the way down to the Chameleon Arts Café which. when devoid of gigs could be mistaken for someone’s living room. If you’re new to the city and love music in its most intimate, organic form then it’s definitely worth heading down to the café, and what better opportunity than to see psych-grunge band, Brooders,  whose monumental melodies, spine tingling breakdowns and hooks are sure to have you head-banging and fully immersed in the music. The band have it all, with each member comfortably taking the lead at different times in the songs to give a real diversity to their music; Haze for instance has a sound reminiscent of the newer works of Avenged Sevenfold, while Isolation goes back to their psychedelic roots with a sound almost comparable to that of The Doors.

The hardest feat for a band like this is the lack of music on YouTube thus making it hard to fall in love with their sound until fully experiencing it. It is for this reason that the Chameleon Arts Café houses them so well, but be careful as the entrance lies down an alleyway which one would miss if not knowing to look for it. For only £2, YES £2! you can go to the gig, grab a drink and just give it a go. The cheap cost of a ticket means you don’t have to know every song, though in experiencing the bands in their element you could easily find a few new artists to keep track of each time returning to play a slightly bigger room. The DIY feel of it all also lends itself really well to the purest form of enjoyment; by seeing those around you doing sort-of interpretive dances, you get drawn in to do the same and lose the social insecurity that often plagues us at gigs from dancing like no-one’s watching.

With Fresher’s week coming to an end, I’d implore you to keep the ball rolling of trying new things and head on down to the Chameleon Arts Café on October 8th to give Brooders a listen. What’ve you got to lose?!




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