Prepare to wonder at Oh Wonder live at the Bodega

On the 19th of November the Bodega will be filled with airy, atmospheric pop provided by Oh Wonder as they play their sold out show. The London duo’s popularity is ever growing since undertaking the task of releasing a single every month for the past year on Soundcloud, resulting in the release of their debut self-titled album in September.

Their ethereal sound and blending of voices create a very deep, tonal atmosphere, contrasting their overall minimal image. The simple black and white artwork for the album was designed by Josephine Vander Gucht on Microsoft Word echoing their complete focus on the music created and allowing the listener to judge them solely on their art rather than other, external factors.

The debut album has received mixed praise from critics with some tracks such as Livewire and Technicolour Beat standing out more than others. The album echoes sounds similar to those of the xx and James Blake with each tune building up gradually and lyrics “essentially summing up what it’s like to be human” as Anthony West put it.

Admittedly only until recently have the two actually begun playing gigs as a duo yet this hasn’t affected the vast praise for their independent, fresh and new way of releasing music.

Expect an evening of chilled, mellow beats as Oh Wonder embark on their first tour and first gig in Nottingham.



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