Our Hollow, Our Home @ Red Room

Southampton metalcore act Our Hollow, Our Home came to Red Rooms on Tuesday in support of their latest album ‘In Moment//In Memory’ and put on an electric show despite the themes of loss and grief throughout their latest release. Despite initial technical difficulties during the transition from “//Denial” to opener “In Moment”, the band ploughed through a fast-paced 13-song set consisting of a pretty even mix between tracks off their newest album and those from their critically acclaimed debut ‘Hartsick’, with my personal highlight coming from older track “Karmadillo”.

Despite only releasing their debut in 2017 it was obvious that the band were experienced at interacting with crowds – having formed in 2013 and played shows non-stop ever since – with both frontman Connor Hallisey, and guitarist/clean vocalist Tobias Young encouraging constant circle pits. The intimate size of the venue also provided a unique atmosphere, as Connor had to perform from the pit due to the size restrictions on the stage – it was impossible to fit all 5 of them, which led to an entertaining performance from within the mosh – without a doubt this is a band who love to involve the crowd in their live shows, even despite the fact that there was no opportunity for crowd surfers because of the low ceiling.

Tobias Young’s clean vocals contrasted perfectly with Hallisey’s low growls and invoked comparisons to contemporary metalcore titans Bury Tomorrow and post-hardcore heroes Alexisonfire, and certainly they have the live energy to equal both, they are powerful live and as tight as any of their contemporaries, but their energy was let down by the choice of venue and its physical restrictions. Our Hollow, Our Home’s inclusion on the Slam Dunk festival line-up this year gives hope that they will have their breakout moment, and progress to playing the bigger stages they rightfully deserve – or at the very least, those which fit the entire band on them.

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