Lucy Spraggan @ Rock City

Arriving at a crowded Rock City with excited fans and a queue that extended around the corner, there was no doubt in my mind that Lucy Spraggan´s concert was going to be a huge success. It was a night to remember as the audience were treated to an array of old and new music off of Lucy´s albums, dating back to her debut, the nostalgic ´Join the Club´ (2013) and a sneak peak of music from her yet unreleased album ´Today Is a Good Day´ which comes out in April next year. It was an opportunity to display some new songs whilst giving the audience the much loved favourites they were keen to hear her perform live. Along with the great music from the supporting acts and Lucy´s down to earth, relatable and chatty personality, it was a great way to spend a Friday night out in the city.

The supporting act who was, in my opinion, the best out of the two (the other being Sylvester) was Callum Beattie, whose single “We are Stars” reminded me of the Oasis hit “Wonderwall” with its calm yet upbeat melody. Despite the simplicity of the lyrics, it was the song that connected the most with the audience, and I was charmed by the wide vocal range he had. Not forgetting the acoustic guitar accompaniment, which caused the audience to wave their lit-up iPhones in the air as he played.

The atmosphere, however, changed dramatically as the crowd roared with excitement when Lucy was announced to take to the stage. Under blue lights with the occasional white spotlight to make her more visible to the ´balcony crowd´, her opening number was a throwback to her 2013 album, the single “Lighthouse” bringing the audience together. What I liked the most about her performance style was the way she introduced her songs, each one having a story behind what inspired her to write them. The following popular song “Tea and Toast” (again, from her first album) struck a chord with the audience, being inspired by an old couple she saw on the street when she was 19, hand in hand by each other´s sides until the end.

Last Night” was perhaps the most popular song of the night, with everyone around me knowing the words. I was able to visualise every picture she wanted to have painted, which in turn made it easier to connect with her songs. “Someone” was also played, alongside her single “Fight for It”, which she informed us was being streamed live so that sick children around the UK and the USA might be able to watch from afar. This, again, was an example of her rather humanitarian qualities that make her so likeable as an artist.

Overall, Lucy Spraggan is, for me, a musician who deserves all the praise she gets. The shouts of ‘encore’ she received to give the audience more was proof of her ever growing popularity. Her final song “Unsinkable” from the 2015 album ´We Are´ was what ended an unforgettable evening.

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