Little Comets Gig Review 15/02/16

Little Comets bring their sugar coated melancholy to a sold out crowd in Rescue Rooms, and prove their worth. Loaded with tales of heartbreak and the trials of lovers, they marvel in their high octane and carefree set, much to the joy of the crowd.

Support band, Hippo Campus (alluding to the emotional centre of the brain) brought the American sunshine to Rescue Rooms to kick off the evening. If Little Comets are the older brother, then Hippo Campus are the giddy younger brother as they left the crowd buzzing. Their set was fuelled with rampant energy and hazy beats that can only come from adolescence, keeping each song fresh and exciting. They had a solid following with favourites Suicide Saturday and Close to Gold being met with cheers from the crowd. They didn’t seem to resonate as much with the older crowd, but the younger generation were kept happy through their set, singing back lyrics to lead singer Jake. For such a young band they hyped up the room in preparation for the main act, creating a large expectation for the main act to live up to.

Little Comets did not disappoint.

Opening with Little Italy, they set the tone for the evening with the additional live musicians making them as slick as ever. The band had regular interaction with the crowd, commenting on the last time that they were at Rescue Rooms when people were spilling over the stage in anticipation. This time was no different as fans surged forwards towards them throughout. They dug out the classics from the first album with the second song in the setlist (One Night in October) setting the crowd into frenzy. The new songs were met with equal enthusiasm with lyrics and riffs being chanted back at the band. Heartfelt My Boy William, kept everyone mesmerized with their flowing melodies enchanting the entire venue. That’s not to say that the band kept their live set the same; an interesting transition between Bridge Burn and Formula (from Hope is Just a State of Mind) kept the fans on their toes. With a thumping bass line and crashing beat to set the change in song, the room was filled with an intense anticipation. It’s clear that they have a confidence in their sound to mix and chop up songs, only teasing what would have been a staple in their younger days. A highlight was the penultimate Dancing Song, where there wasn’t a fan who didn’t join in, with flailing arms and crazy moves galore. Lead singer Robert crooned the apt lyrics ‘You’re socially outrageous with your lack of self control’ and the crowd went wild with the release of all inhibition. The set closer felt a little anti-climatic after the physical fervor of Dancing Song and the band left to demanding chants for more, proof of their triumph.

With their jaunty vocals and choppy guitars lines, they attracted the indie kids of Nottingham to come and have a good time. It’ll be interesting to see what they come up with them next time, as they continue to prove that independent release and production can bring long term success.

Lok Yee Liu



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