King Charles @ Rescue Rooms, 08/02/15

Energetic Newcastle twin duo Gallery Circus kicked off the gig, setting the mood for the velvet clad cavalier King Charles to take to the stage.

Charles played almost exclusively from the 2012 ‘LoveBlood’ album to a horde of dedicated fans, but thankfully some new material made an appearance in anticipation for the forthcoming second album. The new stuff still contains aspects of signature sweetheart lyrics, and upbeat tempo apparent in The King’s other works, but with a more pronounced electronic influence this time around.

Upbeat songs ‘Bam Bam’, ‘LoveBlood’ and ‘Mississippi Isobel’ were all well received placing the crowd in a euphoric state of mind before a beautiful rendition of ‘Coco Chitty’ preceding a stripped down version of ‘Beating Hearts’.

With some liquid courage, Charles played a song which should be appearing on the new album, titled ‘Gamble for a Rose’, which he apparently wrote 10 years ago but was too afraid to release it.

‘Ivory Road’ was undoubtedly the highlight of the night; the metaphor filled ballad was enthusiastically and unapologetically bellowed to the unassuming Charles. With beautiful lyrics like ‘you are the fire and I’m the chimney/ you’ll burn away and I’ll choke on your memory’ it’s easy to get carried away and feel like you’re reciting Shakespeare.

However, despite the emotional material there were signs of light-heartedness, Charles teased a riff of club favourite Paul Simon’s ‘Will You Be My Bodyguard’ which cleverly transformed into ‘Lady Percy’. King Charles, I feel honoured to be in your presence.

By Grace Monaghan



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