Interview with Lonely the Brave

Lonely The Brave smashed their gig at Nottingham’s rescue rooms on Thursday night – to the point I found it difficult to breathe with the overwhelming amount of people who turned up for a growing band still yet to show us everything they’ve got – but I was lucky enough to catch up with Mo and Andrew.

Okay guys, so first off, a bit of a generic question, but what bands/artists inspire you? Mo:  A lot of older and new bands actually inspire us, but it’s just bands that inspire us. Justin Bieber also inspires us. *Mo then shows off his Justin Bieber shirt* Although, I wouldn’t really class myself as a Belieber, he does have some cracking tunes at the moment though.

A-lot of people have been wondering this, but the band name – what does it actually mean and is there a story behind it? Mo: We actually just though it rolled off the tongue pretty well… but there is definitely a meaning behind it. It came from a place where at the time, it just suited our situation. It has got a certain meaning to it but it’s quite difficult to explain, it’s a story we all know and I guess the name kind of speaks for itself in describing the situation we were in. Andrew: We were in a situation at the time which we had to get out of and we knew it was going to piss a few people off but it was the right thing to do, and we just had to do it. We knew it would isolate us from a few people, doing it for the right reasons. We usually bat that one off – so you’re quite lucky we’ve actually explained that, you can’t get through life with things like that. Are you working on any current projects at the moment then? Mo: Yeah we are, we are working on our next album which is already finished actually and should be finished in May, but apart from that we are just working on getting through this tour which should be fun! It has just been amazing so far so we can’t wait for the rest! What about festivals… any festivals lined up this year? Andrew:  Yes, yes there definitely will be… we can’t really answer that at the moment but there will be. There will be a few definitely – beer festivals definitely – Cambridge – maybe , but not sure yet. On the Topic of festivals, I saw that you were on main-stage of Reading and Leeds this year, what did you think about that? Andrew: Reading was my favourite – Leeds would good but we had a few technical issue which put a dampener on it but Reading was absolutely insane! To be on that stage that you see every band you’ve ever grown up listening to being on that stage, it was amazing. It was really, really special, probably the all time show for us – one of the things that you will remember as standing out. It was our third year, first being the Introducing stage and now to be on main stage and not being able to go anywhere as an amazing feeling. Mo:  The day was such a blur, I don’t actually remember any of it, the feeling was so immense, it’s gone out of my head. It was terrifying. Once you get up there its not as bad as you have been envisioning for the six months prior to that but it is definitely terrifying. It’s just another show – but a big fucking terrifying one. *At this point I told them this was the only year I’d missed R+L in the past 3 years in which they responded, “Don’t worry, we might be back this year, who knows” so keep your fingers crossed if your planning on going this summer! So what made you guys want to start out as a band? Mo: Just from school I wanted to play the guitar, and then I wanted to play the drums, I taught myself to do that and I do that now. It’s only in the last few years I wanted to make a career out of it, although… THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. Andrew: Yes the struggle is most definitely real, but yeah I felt like I needed to do it. My best mate when I was 12 started playing the guitar, then I started and I was like *snap* that’s the one. So since then that’s what I’ve been doing. If you had any advice for students who wanted to start a band or start singing or anything like that, what would you say to them? Mo: Just do it.. just Nike tick, just do it. 20 pound an hour if you want to a drummer. We just didn’t give up, there’s been times where we wanted to stop but we didn’t. Its tough to get the momentum going and it just carries on in the end. We hope its worth it but it is most definitely rewarding. It’s either the biggest highs or biggest lows. Have you ever hit any obstacles thinking oh this is getting a bit too overwhelming or I don’t know if to give up, because I think that would be the biggest fear of starting a band personally? Andrew: Yeah it’s the same with everything. It doesn’t matter what you do in life, you just need to keep going and ignore the obstacles. Everyone has a bad day, we have days where days are crap , even in our band, and where everything gets on top of you, but the good outweighs the bad and that’s what you need to remember, you can easily get over it all. If you believe in what you do, just do it. That’s what I tell everyone, if you believe in it, you can just keep going and it gets fucking hard and really impossible at times, but you just need to find a way to keep going. Mo:  There’s been times where we have wanted to stop, but we just can’t. We just keep going, and going. Ending on a positive note, the boys then discussed university life with us, and what subjects we do.. in which I was told that geography is a colouring in subject – which pretty much confirms that subject stereotypes still exist amongst band members… Though, the authenticity and warm-heartedness of the band is definitely something to admire.



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