Interview with Black Peaks

I interviewed Black Peaks’ frontman Will Gardner before their show at Rough Trade and spoke about their new album, their influences and most importantly, his famed moustache.

Who were your biggest influences with this album?

W: Mastodon, Tool, All Them Witches, Oh Brother, Elder, Meshuggah.

How was the writing different from “Statues”?

W: Dave [new bassist] came along half way through so obviously there was a change there. We also went away to a farm in the middle of nowhere in Sussex and drank lots of red wine so most of it was done in isolation.

Were you intimidated by the success of “Statues”?

W: I had a tricky time with some of it but the rest of the guys weren’t bothered, and we had a sick time.

This album is more political and personal, is that due to politics in the last few years and all the upheaval?

W: This music is our response, we absorbed everything we heard and saw in the last few years and almost regurgitated it with this album – especially as its impossible not to get involved.

What’s been your favourite show to date?

W: Wembley, Paris with A Perfect Circle, Oslo with APC – a massive stadium, despite not meeting Maynard.

Dream band to tour with?

W: Tool, Mastodon, Queens of the Stone Age – would love to do that one, Josh Homme is such a rockstar.

Have you started thinking about what’s next?

W: We’ll probably get into some more writing soon I’m sure.

How was it having Jamie Lenman and Haggard Cat as surprise supports in London?

W: Having Jamie Lenman open for us was insane, and Haggard Cat were great, we’ve known them for a long time especially with the double billed tour with Matt and Tom’s old band Heck a few years ago and some of those boys should be coming to the show tonight.

How was Macmillan Fest?

W: It was our first big festival headline set, it was so cool to see it so busy for us.

How was your 2000 Trees set a few weeks before then?

W: Our Cave headline set was so special to us, and we had such a fun time afterwards too, staying and getting boozy.

What are your thoughts about the Nottingham music scene?

W: We’ve always had a great time here, we’ve built our way up from full DIY in JT Soar up to Macmillan fest in Rescue Rooms and Rock City supporting Bury Tomorrow.

Best band you’ve ever seen live?

W: Roger Waters playing ‘The Wall’ or Tool headlining Download in 2006, both were fucking insane.

How do you keep your legendary moustache looking so good?

W: I mainly just leave it, I’m the laziest bastard. Every now and then I’ll give it a trim with some scissors but I mostly just leave it.

What are your thoughts on independent record stores such as Rough Trade and Banquet Records?

W: Yeah I love them, just about to go and spend loads of money in Rough Trade now.

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