Indiana @ Bodega, 5/02/2014

After having to cancel in December due to illness, Indiana rescheduled her homecoming gig to her loyal local fans, for 2 months later, bringing with her a set of striking songs, likely to cause a stir in 2014.

The packed out top room of the Bodega Social club waited patiently in front of the electric blue light, behind the stage spelling out the name “Indiana”. As an atmospheric synthesiser slowly built up to complement the repetition of the haunting vocals, stating “I will rise up”, Indiana enters the stage, opening with the sinister sounding Believe which is a dark song, perhaps alluding to the singers desire for  musical success. She launches into Smoking Gun, feeling relaxed, as the audience enjoy the dark atmosphere she has brought upon them.

Chatting and conversing with the audience, most of whom are well acquainted with the singer, it is clear that Indiana feels at home, mentioning that the crowd might remember the fourth track, Fallen Heart as she once played it with, “Ollie, the piano guy”, where a variation of cheers follow. She dives into a new song, Shadow Flash which has a prominent electric vibe, with the echo of bird song, creating a further atmospheric mood in the Bodega on this Wednesday night.

At times, Indiana’s vocals become slightly drowned out by the variation of the synth base, but when clear, her strong vocals dominate.

Performing her new single, Solo Dancing, it is clear that Indiana’s enjoyment of this track is apparent, with her dancing across the stage, but she maintains every note, perfected to the recorded single. With an intense electronic bass, the audience cannot help but move.

Although much of Indiana’s music has heavy, electronic synths to it, Blind As I Am, conveys her vocal ability without reliance on electronic production and backing, as she performs part of the moving song completely solo.

By the time, the final track Mess Around is performed, the audience don’t want the night to be over as the sultry lyrics leave the Bodega longing for more from this forty minute performance from the Nottingham talent.

By Jess Salter