Hobo Johnson & The Lovemakers @ Rock City

Hobo Johnson played a stunning, unpredictable set last week for a big crowd at Rock City. As soon as the lights went out, The Lovemakers were facing the crowd and we were all looking for the man himself, who showed up onstage just when his part in “Romeo & Juliet” came in, causing a big surprised roar in the audience.

The social media sensation has proved himself worthy of not just having a powerful popular single going viral but making crowds sing the words to his whole album, even playing some unreleased songs and die-hard fans yelling the words back. A lot of sadness, anxiety and hormones filled up the air at one of Notts’ most popular venues, even having some mosh-pits in a couple of songs which I think the rapper isn’t used to, but went along with it either way.

The band, and especially Hobo, had a really good connection with the audience throughout the set, with plenty of interaction. It almost felt like we were watching one of us get onstage and just playing his stuff, which I think is brilliant. No rockstar attitude at all. “Shoot Me”, an unreleased track which you can only find on YouTube was played near the set’s end, with Johnson performing with an extra mic that had an R&B auto-tune effect on it that blew me away completely. The entire set was filled with details in every song that made you put your undivided attention on the stage the entire time. “Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson was covered just before the encore, giving away to yet another lousy but fun mosh and an incredible performance by the entire band.

Peach Scone” was the closing scene that ended the night in such a nostalgic sad feeling that only spoken-word musicians like him could give you, with the entire crowd chanting the words to the entire song. The show was definitely one of the most interesting I’ve seen and I would definitely recommend watching his set if you have the chance, even if you’re not familiar with his work, it’s a fun and interesting gig. It was my first show of the year and I totally loved it. I love the thought of going to shows, or maybe it’s the thought of not being so alone.

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