EP Review: Yang - 'Patrice'

Patrice is the debut EP from Salford duo Yang. Despite this, it features a level of maturity and songwriting skill reserved for much more seasoned artists. Opening with the glitchy and distorted Regals the EP shows what is to become a common sonic theme – pounding metronomic drums which allow melodies to be interspersed throughout.

The next track FVS shows Aphex Twin inspiration and is wonderfully written, with thudding bass and a pulsating wall of distortion. Kelly is a standout track, displaying Yang’s vocal variety. Instead of the more deadpan vocals seen in other tracks, we get something more akin to Depeche Mode. The interplay between all the different melodic lines is especially well done making for an incredibly well written song with soaring synths and urgent chaotic drums.

Tracy Beaker and Bathtub Nightmare lean into harsher territory with walls of sound enveloping the track to create a brilliant claustrophobic effect. The tracks are filled with innovative ideas, keeping the songs fresh and interesting. Hollow departs from the other tracks by stripping back to just piano and vocals, with delay feedback interjected throughout. This track features a great vocal performance, showing lots of emotion.

I highly recommend Patrice, I think it’s excellent and worth a listen. Yang will be playing Bluedot on Sunday the 21st of July, and I would encourage you to watch them should you get the chance.