EP Review: Eyre Llew & In the endless zanhyang we are – ‘Carrier’

Nottingham trio Eyre Llew release their EP ‘Carrier’ today, a collaboration of their own ambient rock sounds with Korean shoegaze band ‘In the endless zanhyang we are’. The EP bookmarks an incredible tour exchange which saw the groups spend over three months playing forty-four shows across eight countries.

Eyre Llew released their single ‘Silo’, the EP opener, on Sunday 7th April and it has already had a great reaction from fans. It starts with a dramatic build up which then merges into piano playing and Sam Heaton’s vocals adding to the ambience and feeling. The song continues to build the entire way through, increasing in intensity and layering on extra guitar and drums to climax in a crescendo of noise and emotion. At over seven minutes long, ‘Silo’ is an epic start to the EP.

Next is ‘Bloc’ which plunges straight into guitar and vocals and steers away from the ambient sound and diverts to more alternative rock and pumps up the energy and the drama of the music. Following ‘Bloc’ is the collaboration with In the endless zanhyang we are entitled ‘Moeve,’ which opens with a style different to the characteristic Eyre Llew sound that is slightly more electro/synth sounding yet still maintains the classic build up and rise of one of their songs. It features powerful and attention-grabbing vocals that convey strong emotions even without understanding the lyrics.

The EP then switches to the In the endless zanhyang we are songs which demonstrate a fierceness and strength incorporated with ethereal vocals similar to the style of Eyre Llew. ‘Hero’ is a more up-beat number with energy and a contagious drum beat which snaps the attention back to the music. The EP ends with ‘And So It’ which mirrors the opener with another lengthy number which takes the listener on a journey ending in a culmination of intense emotion and power.

Overall, ‘Carrier’ is a successful demonstration of the talent and hard work of Eyre Llew together with In the endless zanhyang we are.  Eyre Llew head out on tour towards the end of April, starting with Thousand Island in London on 24th April and then returning to Nottingham for a homecoming show at The Bodega on April 25th with support from fellow Nottingham artists Megatrain and Jonny Olley. Tickets are running low so be sure to grab them while you can so that you don’t miss out on what promises to be an exciting show.

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