D2D preview #4: Lucy Rose

Lucy Rose

OK, we were trying to focus on some of the less obvious acts of this year’s Dot to Dot Festival that we’re most looking forward to, but it’s unavoidable. Lucy Rose will steal the show.

I was lucky enough to be at Lucy’s sold-out show at The Bodega last October, where her charming modesty shone through her perfectly balanced set of solo and full band songs. But it’s far too easy to categorise artists like Lucy into the ‘female singer-songwriter’ strand, which I think acts pejoratively; indeed, the thing that attracted me most after listening to debut album Like I Used To as well as seeing her live was the agency with which her band helps lead the songs whilst not detracting from Lucy’s identity. Rather than just fleshing out acoustic songs, Lucy’s band play with dynamics and rhythms in a way that leads each beautiful song to its loudest, quietest, tenderest and aggressive moments.

Lucy is headlining the Jongleurs stage, which is the same slot that Pulled Apart by Horses had last year, and is therefore an interesting choice of venue for the artist, and makes us even more excited to see her performance.

Lucy Rose will be on at 22.30 at Jongleurs, Dot to Dot Festival Nottingham, 26/05/13

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By John Bell.



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