Clean Cut Kid @ The Bodega

After 12 months of working tirelessly in their own homemade studio, indie-pop quartet Clean Cut Kid return to the intimate stage of The Bodega for a sold-out show as part of their ‘Give Love’ tour and ahead of their upcoming second record.

First to the stage is fellow Liverpool-based five-piece, Peach Fuzz. With charismatic frontman Nathaniel Cummings sporting some metallic trousers, a Rolling Stones tee and matching silver eyeliner, they definitely have the edgy look tied down. Despite being a newly-signed band, they own the stage with their dreamy, psych-rock, yet upbeat sound, which is reminiscent of the likes of Temples. They end their set strongly with their latest single “Destroy the Evidence”, which leaves the crowd buzzing.

Next, a casual entrance from Clean Cut Kid prompts whoops and cheers from the appreciative crowd before they open with new song “Goodbye”, followed by the catchy sing-a-long classic “We Used to Be In Love”. Their infectious melodies comparable to old-school legends like Hall and Oates, paired with fuzzy guitar tones resonant of St Vincent gets the crowd going. Meanwhile, the sweet, echoic harmonies between vocalists and couple Mike and Evelyn Halls further convey their heart-warming chemistry on stage.

The audience is kept engaged throughout the entire set, particularly by vocalist Mike’s witty Scouse banter between each song. They demonstrate their humble, friendly personalities by taking advantage of the intimate venue and interacting with the audience too. Backing vocalist and keyboard player, Evelyn, even double-checks that we can all see at one point – as they have “received angry tweets in the past from people who didn’t have a good view”!

Given that for the past year the band have been hidden away recording new material, a high proportion of the set list consists of brand new songs. Tunes like “I Don’t Like You But I Love You” bring their distinctive, energetic, catchiness, whilst others including “Slow Progress” have a punchier sound, involving some epic guitar solos and hinting at a slightly different vibe to the next album.

After the clear highlight of “Vitamin C”, Mike jokingly informs the crowd how due to the cosy set-up of the stage, they won’t bother with the hassle of an encore, so simply cut to the chase closing the show powerfully with “Emily”.

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