Clean Cut Kid Return to Nottingham in support of The Courteeners

After playing their own headline show at The Bodega earlier this year, Clean Cut Kid are back set to

take on the much bigger stage of Rock City as they continue to support The Courteeners on their tour. The four-

member band have shown their music so far to be pop. The fact they’re a four-person pop act would

suggest a generic, uninspired style to their music, but that’s not the case. The band has a way of

doing things that breaks away from most artists in the pop genre by creating a sound

that’s both muddy and clean. They feature lyrics of pain and sadness but also uplifting, joyful music

that just isn’t done by other acts and makes Clean Cut Kid a refreshing new act to listen to. If you

haven’t heard of Clean Cut Kid before listen to ‘Vitamin C‘ or ‘We Used to be in Love‘ to see for yourself

what Clean Cut Kid are about.

It’s a testament to the quality of Clean Cut Kid that they are chosen as the supporting act on a largely

sold out tour already. With their debut album, most likely to be released not long after the tour

finishes it will be interesting to see where Clean Cut Kid goes from here.



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