Clean Cut Kid dazzle at the Bodega

Embarking on their first ever headline show, Liverpool’s Clean Cut Kid hypnotize a sold out Bodega with their bouncy indie/pop tracks.

Over the past year the band has seen a significant rise in their popularity; their singles have become favourites amongst Radio 1 DJs; their crowds have doubled in size; and their tracks can be heard in Made in Chelsea episodes.

Breaking in to Runaway as soon as they set foot on stage the tone was set for the whole night. There’s a complete connection between the band and the crowd as frontman, Mike Halls, interacts between songs. He jokes with the crowd about the size of his beard and his thick scouse accent, double checking if they can actually understand him, whilst also sharing his dream of aspiring to be as great as Bruce Springsteen. Whilst explains the meaning behind some of the tracks that are yet to be released, the band break in to the track Evelyn; a love song written for his wife, the band’s keyboardist, as she stood looking on, smiling to herself.

The band tease the crowd with unreleased tracks set to be on their debut album that’s due in the New Year, and the room erupts when they play hits such as We Used to Be in Love and Pick Me Up. Beaming bassist Saul entertains the crowd throughout the set, hardly staying still for one second, as he continuously bounces up and down to the beat of every song. His interaction with the crowd was a genuine highlight, encouraging us to clap along, sing and dance as he almost toppled off the stage to high five some members of the front row.

The set closed with the intense and energetic Vitamin C to the crowd’s approval. Each member of the audience danced, laughed and sang along as the gig finished on the ultimate high. The band left the stage to a rapturous applause leaving an intense buzz in the air.

Clean Cut Kid are definitely a band to keep your eye on, their visible humbleness and enjoyment on stage is just as infectious as their songs. Leaving us hungry for more, us fans are waiting imminently for the debut album whilst they grow more popular with each show they play and each single they release.