Cassia @ The Bodega

On Thursday 15th February, Cassia played a sold-out, headliner show at The Bodega supported by Silver Wilson and Vega Bay. The three-piece describe their music as “tropical indie”  ( which consists of a more chilled out and calm indie vibe) a sound which the night entailed.

The opening band were Vega Bay – an up and coming indie four piece from Nottingham who have been playing around and getting their name out there, opened the show. The crowd gave a good reaction and really enjoyed the bands sound and over the set the crowd grew and grew.

Next up were the Nottingham/Leeds three-piece, Silver Wilson, an indie alternative band with a chilled out, romantic sound. By this time the venue was packed and loads of people were singing along to their songs such as ‘Fool’ and ‘I’ll be there’ which got the crowd even more excited for Cassia.

When it was finally time for Cassia to perform, they walked confidently onto the stage, only to find out that lead singer and guitarist Robert-James’ guitar wasn’t tuned properly but the band played it off and the hitch was soon forgotten about as the music began and the crowd even tried to mosh a little. However, the chilled, tropical indie isn’t the sort of music you can mosh to, even after immense trying, so the crowd instead relaxed and sang along in a more orderly fashion, enjoying the music and the show. Everybody in Bodega was singing along to ‘Moana’ and when they ended on ‘100 times over’ there wasn’t one person who was quiet.

Overall, the show was a welcomed change of pace compared to the high intensity indie rock shows that are dominating Nottingham’s up and coming music scene at the moment. Although both genres provide excellent entertainment, it was nice to see something new and unique being highlighted at a headline slot.

Photo courtesy of Camilla Jordan

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