Cage the Elephant’s “Fear of Music” – Melophobia

Kentucky rock band Cage the Elephant, writing their third album was definitely a challenge. Released on the 8th of October, Melophobia mixes mellow sounds, along with some 60’s vibes, with a new set of electric rock songs.

The first single Come a Little Closer frankly hits the album of to a kicking start. The rolling bassline subtly complimented by Matt Shultz’s husky voice, and a rhythmic riff from Brad on the chorus is sublime. This song is probably the most addictive song on the entire album, and well worthy of the buzz in brought in early August.

Spiderhead is up there with my favourites from the album; it a really brings the grunge rock out of the band. With a seductive intro, the track just makes you want to move with the old school piano plinks and defining handclaps. Allison Mosshart of The Kills added her half to the storytelling within It’s Just Forever. I mean who doesn’t like the tale of two lovers reminiscing over their borderline-obsessive relationship? The song has a strong pull to it, as Schultz replies to Mosshart “Girl, I’m gonna make you mine..” The track brings a sultry and sexy vibe, lyrically sounding like something I shouldn’t be listening to. Brilliantly put together, the track is probably the one of the finest things the band have ever recorded, and looks certain to be one I want to see live.

Teeth just seems to have a buzz about it which brings the ball of energy out in you, from a sassy drum beat, groovy guitars and a spastic refrain that will undoubtedly send Shultz diving across the stage. This song embraces the punk days of Billie Joe Armstrong from the Dookie-era, which is always a good thing.

The final song off the album Cigarette Daydreams seems to be in a completely different direction to Cage the Elephant’s usual stuff. As an acoustic guitar gently strums along in the background, Shultz gushes about someone who was “So sweet with a mean streak..”

Melophobia manages to perfectly stimulate the human ears with the essence of alternative-rock music, mixing a few types to bring out the best from Cage the Elephant. It is definitely an album I have enjoyed listening to, featuring a good mesh of tracks and clever lyricism. The album itself fails to spring up any flaws to mind; only that where it just seems to feel rather short, seemingly finished before it’s even started!

Overall Melophobia has surprised me, not in the sense that I could have expected anything less from Cage the Elephant, but more that they just haven’t clambered on the bandwagon of popular trendy music. Melophobia is arguably the band’s best album to date, with everything sounding stronger and more diverse. Pretty much shows a new side to the band, and certainly makes me want to keep my eye on them in the future, to see what more they can do.

By Gabriella Ahmed