Bombay Bicycle Club – So long, See you Tomorrow LP

Strikingly full of depth, the fourth album by the London based indie-rock quartet has definitely lived up to their standards in chilled out symphonic vibes. Having worked on this for 18 months, the band seem to have completely transformed themselves, whilst having part of “them” spread though it evenly. With samples from a variety of genres inspired by frontman Jack Steadman’s travelling; Dance, 90’s R’n’B and Bollywood, most tracks have been bravely made to please, and done just that.

The first single Carry Me released in early November just gave us a taster to what was to be expected. The strong drumming wave through the track rhythmically, making you just want to move; something we are all too familiar with. It’s a great start to the new era of Bombay Bicycle Club; something fierce yet edgy enough to be swoony. By January our anticipation of more, made the lads release Luna with Indian tabla beats delicately adding to their delightfully summer-esq video. Simple yet effectively drawing us in to delve into the depths of the pool of melody.

The overwhelming sounds have definitely swayed me to listen to more. Whenever, Wherever at first glance seems to be an risqué cover of Shakira’s finest, but the subtle background music and harmonised vocals spread through the track finely. Jack’s voice echoes ‘To be here alone, tonight’ through and through, like a lost love song. Ballads like It’s Alright Now, Eyes Off You and Come To  will be ones we’ll hear quite a lot from post-June, whilst you sway in the moonlight to the gentle breeze as you just don’t have a care in the world. The title track So Long, See You Tomorrow oozes with dreaminess, and is the perfect ending to a simply wonderfully orchestrated tracklist.

Not sure about you, but this is going to be a soundtrack to my summer.

By Gabriella Ahmed