Bastille at The Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham.

Storming the stage for one of the most anticipated tours of 2016, Bastille took Nottingham by the hand and showed us exactly what they were made of: pure, unadulterated energy and enthusiasm.

Having recently released their hit second album, ‘Wild World,’ which flew off shelves (both physically and digitally!) at quite an impressive rate, the band showcased fan favourites both old and new and kept the atmosphere positively electric throughout. From getting the blood pumping with rhythm-driven ‘Send Them Off!‘ to seeing frontman Dan in the crowd for ‘Flaws,’ all the way through to what is arguably their signature song ‘Pompeii,’ Nottingham fans failed to hold back as noticeably every song was sung along to with raw heartfelt enthusiasm.

Of course, no gig is complete without its more somber moments. The screens behind the foursome constantly showed chain link fences, barbed wire and dystopian newsfeeds. Passing mentions were made of ‘that toxic idiot, Donald Trump,’ and new song ‘Blame‘ was accompanied by CCTV camera footage, reminiscent of themes seen in Orwell’s 1984. However, from these almost depressing aesthetics sprung almost an idea of hope, an idea that society’s miserable norms and values can be overcome, and for that, this reviewer takes off her hat to the band. How indeed are we ‘going to be optimists about this?’

In conclusion, never before have I seen such energy from a band – all four band members enjoyed a dance and a bounce across the stage in spite of everything. From the start to a true happy ending as the band left the stage and left hope and excitement in the crowd; the show, and the band were a triumph. Well done, Bastille!



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