Art Brut @ The Bodega 30/09/2013


After announcing the departure of two members, classic rock band Art Brut have been touring around the UK celebrating what has been 10 years of making post-punk melodies with a hint of hysterical lyrics.

The concert opened with the support of Keith TOTP who managed to get the multitude fired up and ready for what was going to be a memorable night.

Over-enthusiastic Eddie Argos rocks the stage with highly passionate and romantic words. Talking, rather than singing, he gets the crowd to start chanting to classical pop anthems. Fans sing along to the songs, making it obvious that it is not the first time they have seen the London ensemble.

The band started with some of the new songs compiled in their last album “Top of the Pops” but made

Art Brut 2

their way to their distinctive “Bad Weekend” and “My Little Brother”. As they played “Modern Art” Argos got off stage telling a story of his visit to the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, while the attendees laughed frantically.  In the middle of this song, he convinces the crowd to get down on one knee, while they giggle to his anecdote.

The setlist covered material from their 4 albums, with most of the songs taken out of their exceedingly praised debut album “Bang Bang Rock & Roll”.  South London’s finest, although a bit older, have not lost their touch of engaging with the audience and making everyone jump.

Art Brut is not like any other gig; this exceedingly charismatic group transforms any show into a must-watch spectacle.

By Ana Brandt