Allison Weiss returns to UK this February

Next month Allison Weiss and her band will grace the stage of Bodega, supported by fellow singer-songwriters Jenny Owen Youngs and Yellowbirddd. Singing tales of heartbreak wrapped up in upbeat and fun indie pop, Weiss will either make you dance or make you weep, but certainly enjoy every minute and leave you crying for an encore.

Starting out in a small town in Georgia called Flowery Branch (yes, it is a real place!) then moving from Brooklyn to LA, Weiss draws inspiration from all over the US, concentrated in recent single “Golden Coast” which encapsulates every Brit’s vision of what living in LA must be like; sun, sand, and amazing music. Allison loves cats, pizza, tattoos, graphic design and Instagram, but mostly her lyrics concern the many ups and downs of falling in love: hence the title of her third album “New Love”.

Allison released her latest works on SideOneDummy Records late last year. Including singles “Back To Me” and “Who We Are”, “New Love” is her biggest and boldest album yet, following many DIY self-released EPs and debut “…Was Right All Along” as well as her much-loved sophomore record “Say What You Mean”, released on No Sleep Records in 2013.

Equally enthralling with an acoustic guitar as an electric one, Allison’s passion for her music is evident in her emotional but high-energy live performances. Her UK tour is not one to be missed!

Allison Weiss and the “New Love” tour hit Bodega on Friday 19th February.



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