Allison Weiss Q&A

We got a chance to ask Allison Weiss a few questions about her music and plans for the future:

“I finally made a record that sounds like the music I listen to,” says singer/songwriter Allison Weiss, bursting at the seams to talk about her newest album, New Love—out Oct. 2 on SideOneDummy Records—even if that means gabbing on the phone while she’s getting her oil changed somewhere in Middle America. “In the past, my records were all very much about things that were happening to me right then in the moment. As I’ve grown up, I feel like I can deal with my own feelings in a way that I couldn’t when I was a teenager.”

1) What are you most excited about for returning to the UK?

Definitely the fact that I’m bringing my band for the first time! I make full band records and that’s the way I always intend for the songs to sound, so it’s gonna be great to bring that over here.

2) Describe your music for those who haven’t heard your songs before.

It’s very upbeat and fun breakup music.

3) How do British audiences compare to American crowds back home?

They seem to be more attentive. There are a lot less cell phones up in the air, and they listen quietly between songs. So polite!

4) What can fans expect from the New Love tour?

Just a great time. The band and I are bringing a set that’s a mix of old and new, mostly songs from New Love with a couple old favorites in there.

5) Where is somewhere you’ve never toured before that you’d like to conquer?

I’d love to go to Japan or Brazil! Both seem so awesome and apparently the music fans are wild.

6) What’s next for Allison Weiss?

A little time at home and then back out on the road for the summer! I recently started a Bernie Sanders themed punk band and am looking forward to recording more songs for that project.

7) What’s your favourite quintessentially British item/food/object?

I have eaten an egg and cress sandwich every day, so that’s gotta be it for me! Oh and plain Digestive biscuits. So subtle and addictive!

Weiss can’t wait to play new songs like “Who We Are” and “Good Way” live, which is totally convenient because she’s likely to be on tour for the rest of the year.  She’s also excited to reconnect with her fans, continue to write irreverent pop songs, and possibly be a light for anyone who’s still figuring out their place is this big, bad world. “I started writing my music as a young person who was uncomfortable in her own skin,” Weiss says. “Life gets hard, love gets complicated, and, thankfully, we’ve all got our favorite songs to say the things we might not be able to say on our own. If you hear something in my songs that reminds you of yourself, then I’m doing my job right.”



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