Acoustic Rooms Weekly 25/02/19

After another gloriously sunny February day, Acoustic Rooms was a perfect place to go and chill out with happy hour all night and some great music lined up including the headline act of the night - Press to MECO.

January Moonlight started the night off with his classic cover of Tears for Fears ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’ and then his other brilliant song ‘Black Fields’ which he hasn’t performed in a while and the crowd were happy that it was back, especially for the ending where the song reaches a crescendo and January Moonlight almost destroys his guitar.

Next up was another returning regular, Omari Marsalis, who described his sound as “Jazz Rap”. His music is very laid back and chilled, but he puts his vocals over the top to add attitude. He got the crowd joining in with his songs asking them to “put your hands in the air if you love yourself” and then ended his set on a calmer not and with some spoken word which captured the audience’s attention.

Fizz and Aya performed next, a new duo to Acoustic Rooms but both with very talented voices. The pair sung two duets, the second being a cover of ‘Runnin’ (Lose it All)’ by Naughty Boy ft Beyoncé. Their vocals worked well together, and it would be great to see more of them at future Acoustic Rooms.

It was then time for the main act of the night, guest band Press to MECO. The rock/alternative three piece are fresh from supporting Shine Down and Acoustic Rooms marks the start of their own UK acoustic tour which has already sold out in Brighton and London. They performed a variety of their hits including ‘Quick Fix’ which they managed to utilise their stripped back set to create a darker atmosphere at the start of the song and draw the audience in with strong percussion. Another highlight was their cover of Sigrid’s ‘Strangers’ which they put their own twist too.

The trio frequently demonstrated their ability to harmonise between them and even got the crowd to get involved, splitting the venue into three and making each section sing with a different band member. They also performed a song from their first album ‘Tired Bones’ which they admitted that they hadn’t played in ages so had changed it up a bit so the crowd could experience something new. Overall, it was a great set and a pleasure to watch Press to MECO at such an intimate venue.

The acoustic night continued with some more returning faces, including Marcell Junior the rapper and Jalle who joined him for a song and then went on to perform his own few songs, yet again displaying his talent as both a singer and a rapper. Jalle was also joined by somebody else for his last song to help with some backing vocals and beat boxing and he also went on to perform a song of his own too.

The penultimate act was a man with a guitar and a harmonica who performed a mixture of country songs intertwined with story-telling more than singing. It was very different to a lot of the acts that had gone before and stood out for it’s uniqueness. Finally, another familiar face took the mic with his guitar - Jack Seviour. Jack has a great voice and he performed a few covers including ‘Creep’ by Radiohead which although it is a tough song to cover, he did a good job at it.

Next week at Acoustic Rooms is the Acoustic Rooms 10th Birthday Party (with free cake), and along with the usual happy hour all night and hopefully continuing good weather, would definitely be worth going down to!