Pedro Pascal’s Supportive Emmys Date: His Trans Sister, Lux Pascal

Pedro Pascal, a talented Emmy-nominated actor, recently attended the 2024 Emmys with his younger sister Lux Pascal by his side. Lux, a 31-year-old trans actress and model, has been receiving lots of attention for her inspiring journey.

A Stylish Appearance at the Emmys

During the event, Pedro and Lux both sported stylish black outfits, which perfectly matched the theme of dark formalwear trending this year. Pedro, who was nominated for his role as Joel in “The Last of Us,” looked dashing in a black sweater and trousers. He even managed to effortlessly incorporate the sling he had been wearing since suffering a fall earlier in the awards season. Lux, on the other hand, stunned in a high-necked black dress with elegant cut-out detailing.

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A Strong Sibling Bond

Although Pedro is generally private about his personal life, his close bond with Lux is evident. In a previous interview, Pedro shared that he sees their late mother Verónica in Lux and described her as one of the most powerful individuals he has ever known. Despite their busy schedules keeping them apart, Pedro expressed how much he needs Lux in his life, even more than she needs him.

Lux’s Perspective

In a recent interview with Lux, she described the relationship with Pedro and their other siblings as the best part of her life. Lux expressed how having Pedro as an older sibling makes her feel supported and never alone. She jokingly added that they are always together, sometimes to the point of annoyance.

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Pedro and Lux
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Pedro’s Support for the Trans Community

Pedro has been actively supportive of transgender talent in the industry. During the filming of “The Last of Us,” he developed a close friendship with nonbinary co-star Bella Ramsey. They frequently had conversations about gender and sexuality on set, fostering a supportive and open environment for queer individuals in the industry.


Pedro Pascal’s supportive presence at the Emmys with his trans sister Lux Pascal showcases the love and acceptance within their sibling bond. Their appearances together serve as a reminder of the importance of family support and inclusion in the entertainment industry.


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