Emmys 2024: Pedro Pascal’s Controversial Comments on Kieran Culkin and Succession Revealed

In a surprising turn of events at the 2024 Emmys, Pedro Pascal, best known for his role in the hit series “The Mandalorian,” made controversial comments about fellow actor Kieran Culkin and the critically acclaimed show “Succession.”

Pascal’s Remarks on Kieran Culkin

During an interview on the red carpet, Pascal took a swipe at Kieran Culkin, highlighting his own disappointment at not winning the award for Best Actor in a Drama Series for his role in “The Last of Us” but expressing even greater astonishment at Culkin’s win for his performance in “Succession.”

Pascal’s remarks were met with shock and disdain from the audience and the media, as his comments seemed to undermine Culkin’s talent and hard work in the series. Many considered Pascal’s remarks disrespectful and unnecessary, questioning his motives for making such a statement.

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Pascal’s Criticism of “Succession”

Pascal’s criticism did not stop at Culkin but extended to the show “Succession” itself. He suggested that the show’s victory for Best Drama Series was undeserved and that other nominees, such as “Andor” and “The Last of Us,” were far more deserving of the prestigious award.

These comments sparked further controversy and debate among fans and industry insiders. While some agreed with Pascal’s assessment, others defended “Succession” and praised its compelling storytelling, exceptional performances, and its ability to captivate audiences.

Repercussions and Reaction

Following his remarks, Pascal faced severe backlash from fans and the media. Many criticized him for publicly disparaging his peers and their achievements on such a grand stage. The controversy overshadowed the celebration of talent and excellence that usually defines the Emmys.

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Culkin and the creators of “Succession” have yet to officially respond to Pascal’s comments. However, it is likely that they will address the controversy in the coming days, clarifying their position and standing up for their work.

It remains to be seen how this incident will affect Pascal’s reputation and future projects. While controversy can sometimes generate publicity, it also has the potential to alienate fans and casting directors who may view Pascal’s comments as unprofessional and detrimental to the industry.


As the dust settles on the 2024 Emmys, it serves as a reminder that even in the world of entertainment, where celebration and recognition are the norm, controversies can arise and threaten to overshadow the achievements of talented individuals and exceptional shows.

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