Your weekend sorted: Tusk, Indian Summer & Lowrie live at Suede

We get it, this is the worst week of the year.

Not only are you being bombarded by colourful sheets of delivery boxes and can count more cheesy slogans than in a Swiss stand-up’s set, but you also caught the slightest glimpse of the Easter break beyond the mountain of deadlines piling up.  It’s waving to you.  It’s teasing you, beckoning you to hurry the fuck up.  All your friends have the infamous ski trip to look forward to and you’ve just found out your Netflix & Chill partner’s seeing someone else… on Blinkbox of all places.

“Ermahgerd, my life sucks.”

Don’t panic!  We’ve got just the remedy to cure your impending boredom.  Our good friends over at I’m Not From London are putting on a killer gig at Suede bar, a quirky venue in the city centre.  Headlining the bill is one of our hotly-tipped acts, Tusk, a 5-piece from the University of Nottingham of all places.  Get this, it’s also their first ever gig!  You can catch a little piece of history unfolding before your very eyes; word on the street is they’ve prepared an extra special set too and I’m not tempting fate or anything by saying… I’ve heard it’s going to be pretty sick.  Not only that, but Indian Summer and Lowrie are providing excellent support.

All of the important details you may need to know can be found here.

See you there!



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