Yazmin Lacey @ Rescue Rooms

On Wednesday the 28th of November, Yazmin Lacey performed at Rescue Rooms in Nottingham as the last stop of her UK Autumn Tour. The gig had such a cosy vibe, mainly created through how warm and genuine Lacey was. As soon as she walked on to the stage, I could see members of the audience throughout the room start smiling, and I don’t think they stopped smiling for a long time. Lacey’s band were such a talented group of people. Each of them performed brilliantly, without distracting from Lacey herself, and helped to create and maintain a focused but inviting atmosphere for the duration of the gig.

Lacey’s album ‘When the Sun Dips 90 Degrees’ makes me feel warm. The song “90 Degrees” is reminiscent of those summer nights spent in a pub beer garden, or lying on your bed with the lights down low feeling content with nothing to do or worry about. It has a similar feel to “Didn’t Cha Know” by Erykah Badu, that fiery cool sensation.  If I start getting up to go faff about something or other when Lacey’s music is playing, I just feel a bit daft and sit right back down. It’s so worth giving a proper listen to.

Before the gig, I personally had only really connected with Lacey’s song “Something My Heart Trusts”. It has an explicit content warning, and it’s one of those songs I can play when I’m in a bit of a mood. Maybe someone’s hacked me off, and I need a laugh about it and let off some steam in a cool and collected way. This song is her most played on Spotify, and she left it till quite late in her set. When she did perform it, you could feel the energies of the individuals in the crowd unite as everyone joined together for a boogie.

My new favourite song is “Black Moon”. It comes across a bit cheeky, in both the lyrics and the instrumental. It is one of those songs that feels like it ends too quickly, and you feel like you’ve missed something, so you end up playing it on repeat and repeat before you clock how long you’ve spent on that one track. But, even then, I still don’t seem to stop playing it. Another personal favourite, that I don’t think I appreciated before the gig was “Still”. The name used to feel a bit ironic as it feels like one of her more multi-layered songs, but all the different parts combine to form an extremely smooth sound.

Since the gig, I haven’t stopped playing her music to everyone I see. Her vibe is so classy whilst carrying a beautiful beat to it that just makes me want to have a bop whichever song I listen to. A group of Lacey’s friends were there at the gig, and I personally felt like we all were cheering her on as if she were a pal of ours, but that’s how kind her sound feels.

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