Wolf Alice – My Love is Cool review

Keep your beady eyes on me, to make sure I don’t turn to dust…’ sings Wolf Alice’s Ellie Rowsell on the opening line of Wolf Alice’s new album and by God these haunting vocals make the hairs on your neck stand up, reassuring anyone who may have been unconvinced that the band have departed unto pastures new with their latest studio effort, My Love is Cool. There’s something peculiar about Rowsell‘s voice that draws the listener in and she does well to sound distinguishable from her peers in the indie world, so much so the band are almost immediately recognizable if heard on the radio. Wolf Alice are conquering where maybe others have failed in their managing to make each song on the album sound different from the last so that it all doesn’t just blur into 30 minutes of the same, albeit pleasant, noise. The instrumental introduction of Your Loves Whore allows the rest of the band to show off their ability as competent musicians before Rowsell‘s voice comes in to complement their playing. Bros -one of the singles- is simply a fantastic song and the perfect reminder of festival nights with friends, making it a splendid summer song. Songs like this and Lisbon show the capability of the band as lyricists and storytellers, complementing the more light-hearted, upbeat lyrics like those in Freazy, containing lyrics that give the album its name.

You can join us is you think you’re wild You can join us if you’re a feral child Our love is cool

Overall, My Love is Cool is a stunning album from a band who are still in the infancy of their mainstream success. Having worked hard on the gig circuit this quartet deserve everything that is coming their way and are definitely ones to catch on the festival scene this summer.

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