#WhatsInNotts: (6) 16-22nd March

Nottingham’s got an eclectic mix of bands gracing the stages of the venues this week; Subsoul are playing the last CMYK of the year while Dropkick Murphys get everyone in the St Paddy’s day spirit. Gigs at Rock City are a little sparse this week so why not instead check something out at the more intimate Bodega?

Rock City // Rescue Rooms // The Bodega // Stealth // Rough Trade // The Maze // Brickworks // Spanky Van Dykes

Rock City

Rock City have a slightly quieter week than usual but that’s compensated for by the sheer volume that the bands will be bringing; Rock veterans are Papa Roach playing on Wednesday in support of their brand new album, F.E.A.R.! The band are sure to be playing a mix of new anthems and vintage bangers like the Hey-Hey-Hey favourite ‘Last Resort’. Refresh your memory here:

Friday brings a change of atmosphere with Dropkick Murphys who’ve been around a whopping 20 years. Likely to bring a slightly older crowd to the venue than the one that will no doubt be gracing the floor a few hours later for club-night ‘Get Lucky’, this celtic punk band will show everyone that rocknroll knows no age limit as they tear the roof off and show the younger folk how it’s done.

Rescue Rooms

Rescue Rooms are having a busier week; Hobbie Stuart, who looks young enough to get IDd on the way in, is taking the stage on Tuesday. Having found fame on Youtube with the new breed of attractive guys who cover pop songs, why not go along for a singalong of some chart toppers like Maroon 5 and Ed Sheeran.

The following day Seth Lakeman plays his unique mix of violin lead folky pop that sounds like something out of Pirates of the Caribbean…Continuing along the path of strange new sounds are The Answer who play on Thursaday. The lead singer sings in a way that is strangely reminiscent of Jack Black’s style in School of Rock, rendering the man a weird mix of Weird Al meets Meatloaf. With a new album, Raise a Little Hell, not a week old they’ll definitely be playing songs from it.


What more could you want on a Friday than a Bowie cover band who go by the moniker of Absolute Bowie. If that’s not your thing then why not catch Amaranthe or Hookworms on Saturday and Sunday respectively. Amaranthe, hailing from Sweden, bring their own unique heavy-metal, guided by their unusual use of three lead vocalists- one with a pop voice, one a rock tome and a third screamer.


Champs kick off the week of music at Bodega, playing songs from their debut album Down Like Gold on Wednesday. Check out the opening track, Too Bright To Shine:

Dorje return to the Bodega the following day, having described themselves as ‘fusing a musical passion reminiscent of the classic bands of the golden age of rock, with a modern and self-aware approach needed to succeed in the modern day’, lets hope they live up to their own expectations!

Best of the rest

Shadow Child is coming to Stealth on Friday for what is sure to be an epic show, but if drum’n’bass isn’t your thing then House fans can instead tuck into the legendary Subsoul playing the last CMYK of the year at Brickworks. Should be a smashing end to CMYK’s successful set of nights.