Interview with BETSY

BETSY has confirmed details of a European headline in support of her much-anticipated, self-titled debut album (which will be released on September 29th on Warner Brothers). Beginning at Swansea’s National Waterfront Museum on November 23rd – and including BETSY’s biggest headline show to date at London’s Scala on November 30. We spoke to the upcoming star ahead of her tour.

How did the band form?

Oh my magical ladies! I was determined to find incredibly talented ladies to work with so we searched high and low to put the band together. I’m very lucky to have such skilled women to work with, and they’re very entertaining on the bus.

Is there a story behind the band’s name?

BETSY… sadly no – it’s just my name! My mother called me BETSY as soon as I was born. My dad was worried I would grow up to be a barrister and needed a posh name, so they looked up what it was short for and christened me Elizabeth but no-one’s ever called me that!

Who would you say have been your biggest influences as a band?

I think it has to be Tina Turner and Shirley Bassey for their passionate, raw performances, Grace Jones for her fashion sense and Annie Lenox for bringing together incredible pop songs with iconic imagery.

Would you say you prefer being in the studio recording new material or playing live shows?

Both! It’s funny because when you go into the studio you’re hungry to make the album and once you’ve had enough of that it’s time to perform it!

What was the first music festival you went to – as a fan or indeed as a band?

As a fan my first music festival was a local festival in Wales. It was completely mental and very Glastonbury 1965. Very wild and free but sadly it got stopped. As an artist my first proper festival was V. Such an incredible experience! People singing my songs in the rain! Amazing.

Do you have a favourite venue/city to play live? (They don’t have to be the same!)

The best gigs are always hometown gigs! The Welsh are wild and have been so supportive. I did a gig in my village town hall in Pembrokeshire recently. That was nuts! Dancing, screaming. Love it!

If you had to only play festivals or headline sets for the rest of your career, which would you prefer?

Oh no, what a decision to have to make! I think headline sets because that way I could do more.

Do you have a favourite song to play live?

I love singing “You Won’t Love Me”. It makes me feel like Shirley Bassey because it’s a big old heart-breaking ballad!

What are your ambitions as a band for the future?

The sky is the limit! I would love to do the Royal Albert Hall with a full orchestra and my girls.That’s the dream.

And finally… If you could have written one song in history yourself, what would you have preferred it to be?

So many! Adele – Someone Like You, Amy Winehouse – Rehab, Hozier – Take Me To Church. The list is endless.

Photo courtesy of Pomona

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