We Are The Ocean leave Notts wanting more

The night started with a half an hour set from ‘Allusondrugs’. The five-piece band from Yorkshire provided a strong start to the evening, playing both new releases and older songs from their formation back in 2012. The songs varied as the set list continued, moving from long 4 bar power chord sequences with harmonised vocals, to edgier basslines and more of a screaming vocal tone. As it was the start of the night there wasn’t a huge turnout for this band, but this didn’t affect their energy in the slightest and the loud, intense finish of “Cherry Pie” had everyone clapping. Next up to the plate: ‘Tall ships’. I must admit I’d heard nothing of this band prior to the gig, and they did not disappoint. Each song, whether fast or slow, loud or soft, was completely captivating. Playing often with a fast paced indie-feel with lots of layers, lead singer, Rich Phethean, had a large vocal range that produced a sound to really get people moving, and set us raring for ‘We Are The Ocean’.

At last ‘We Are The Ocean’ were ready to play, and the room was almost full. The backdrop for the stage lit up, showing the cover for their new album ‘Ark’ as the four members were greeted by cheers. They wasted no time in dropping one of their new singles “Do It Together” in expert fashion. Liam Cromby proved his talent as a lead vocalist throughout the whole set list, flawlessly hitting every note and never failing to reach the vocal range presented in all four albums. He also serenaded the crowd as a solo acoustic act, before the full band encore, by performing “Chin Up Son”. Liam’s soft strumming and vocal reverb made a mix that did not disappoint.

The band as a whole worked really well on stage together. Lots of energy could be seen from Liam, Alfie (Lead Guitar), and Jack (Bass) as they danced around, blasting songs from all of their four albums and even performing a cover of ‘London Grammar’s “Hey You” from their visit to Radio One’s Live Lounge last November. The entire gig was a huge success. ‘We Are The Ocean’ had excitement from the crowd all night as they faded “Holy Fire” into “The Road” and put a new spin on “Young Heart” to give a huge build up that led to an intense chorus not to be forgotten. The foursome ended with a brilliant performance of “Good For You”, that left the crowd wanting more. ‘We Are The Ocean’ are fantastic live and I would recommend them whole heartedly to anyone.

By Harry Warner



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