Up close and personal with Fat White Family

Mic member Shaun Gordon, University of Nottingham student by day and snapshot extraordinaire by night, managed to go one step better than a front row ticket to the NME Awards Tour last night.  ‘How?’, I hear you ask; Shaun bagged himself a photo-pass to get up close and personal with the band as they unleashed hell on Rock City and showed Nottingham how Fat White Family like to rock ‘n’ roll.  We at The Mic have some exclusive shots from the gig and although we would very much like to keep and print them for ourselves, we do believe it’s only fair that we share them with the world.  Feast your beady eyes on these epic snaps and don’t forget to check out more from Shaun by clicking on the links below.

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Also, check out his Facebook profile for all the latest photos: Shaun Gordon Photography

Don’t forget his website too, where you will find a vast array of media gems including No Tomorrow, Y Not Festival and Glastonbury: Shaun Gordon’s Website

Check out Shaun’s review of the whole gig here.



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