Turisas Live at Rock City – 10/10/2013

There aren’t many shows where you see middle aged men wearing black and red war paint and Viking costumes, but it’s guaranteed at a Turisas gig. The Finnish folk metal band, known for their smash hit Rasputin, came to Rock City for the third time this October, and as always, amazed the crowd with their theatrical performance.

As soon as they came on stage they created the atmosphere of a Viking battle, with their cheesy yet equally motivational lyrics of ‘stand up and fight’ and ‘that’s where the winds will us guide’. I felt as if I was part of an epic adventure of a different era, and Turisas were playing the soundtrack to it. If you are a fan the Lord of The Rings or Game of Thrones soundtrack, I would definitely recommend Turisas to you.

The thing which really impressed me was that their musical ability was not affected by playing live, and neither were their vocal harmonies. There is no frontman of the band, they are all equally as passionate about their music, with everything from a violinist to an accordion player, and that’s what made the show even more captivating.

Of course, they closed the show with their well known hit Rasputin, which has almost 5 million views on Youtube.  The crowd went wild chanting “BATTLE METAL”, showing how enthusiastic and dedicated they are. Definitely one of the most energetic, unique and entertaining gigs I’ve been to, I fully recommend the band, and their new album Turisas 2013.

By Priyanka Mistry