Track Review: Cassiopeia by Deaf Havana

Following the departure of guitarist Chris Pennells, which according to Deaf Havana’s Facebook page was in regards to various artistic and musical differences between him and the band, Deaf Havana are back with their latest single ‘Cassiopeia’.

Leaving behind the Bruce Springsteen essence of their previous material ‘Old Souls’ which brought much controversy with the change from rock-pop, to indie/alternative rock, Deaf Havana are certainly the band that caters to all. They are now moving back towards a much grittier style that they adopted in earlier albums such as ‘Meet Me Halfway, At Least’ and in songs such as ‘Nicotine and Alcohol’.

The lyrical masters once again managed to script their personal experiences into another excellent single – which has landed them in the UK ITunes singles charts at number two – just under Oasis.. which is most definitely something for a small band from a small town (as emphasised in Hunstanton Pier… and majority of songs they have ever released) to be proud about.

The tales of Cassiopeia follow the usual lifestyle of the band – smoking and drinking until the AM and getting lost in strange places – which usually land them pretty interesting singles like this one. Although, a twisted, dark theme is evident through their lyrics ‘’to catch sight of a man with a broken nose and a bandaged leg sleeping silently in a photo booth’’ and ‘’into our rundown, rented pad’’ which highlight the authenticity of this British band – who have often noted in Rock sound magazine how they don’t lead the same luxurious lifestyle as the likes of Arctic Monkeys and Muse, yet it’s evident that Deaf Havana’s relatable lyrics and the honesty of the band are what makes fans like myself and others love their music.

Just when you think Deaf Havana have reached their peak – they are right back at it again. Cassiopeia is now available on the iTunes store and apple store to purchase now – and if you haven’t listened yet, you are definitely missing out.

By Shannon Mills