Toothless @ The Bodega

Last Thursday the Bodega welcomed Bombay Bicycle Club member Ed Nash’s new project; Toothless.

With their dreamy harmonies, strong bassline, plucked strings and overall indie pop sound, they were welcomed warmly.

Support came from Liz Lawrence (who also played with the band, a feat Nash himself admitted he wouldn’t be able to do) and Nottingham locals Magiqu, an indie rock foursome sporting undertones of Tame Impala and Joy Division.

The space soon filled as Toothless took to the stage, kicking off the night with the opening number off the debut album, Charon. Nash’s presence on stage does echo that of his usual position as bassist. He would smile shyly to himself and shared small conversation with the crowd as Lawrence chimed in, joking that Nottingham is where they get up to no good, after both got tattoos and piercings in the city.

Nash continued to wow his audience by blasting through Palm’s Backside, Sisyphus, Alright Alright Alright and others before finishing with Kairos. Both Nash’s keyboardist and Liz Lawrence provided smooth Fleetwood Mac-esque harmonies, evoking the poignancy and heartfelt themes in many of the songs.

Pace of the Passing is a well-crafted debut album, that is sonically intriguing and moves unpredictably yet smoothly from track to track. It is often said that side projects have a tendency to fall flat, but Nash proves the opposite, providing a sound that does echos his Bombay roots but its polished layering melodies and beats evokes a strong sense of authenticity.