Tiny Dancer @ The Bodega, 15/10/15

When I first listened to Tiny Dancer a couple of days before the gig, I was made to expect a Grimes meets Jessie Ware sort of deal. When it actually came down to the live performance, it was quite different.

The start of the gig was something I would never have been able to predict; a cover of ‘Toxic’ by Britney Spears. This was, however, in no way a bad thing; the cover was a good reimagining of it, without any flaws.  Tiny Dancer then went on to play some of her own material.  For the most part, her own songs were really pop-rock-y, examples being the songs ‘Piece In’ and ‘Touch Me’.

Breaking away from Tiny Dancer’s above style most of all was the song ‘Hiding’, which had a nice old school R&B slowjam feel to it, with an absolutely beautiful e-piano riff.  After this song I found that her voice sounded more like a soulful Britney Spears (fitting in well with the opening), quite similar to Kelly Clarkson really.

In between these originals came a smattering of covers. ‘Latch’ by Disclosure, which I was keen to see what they would do with, ended up being excellently delivered. I had wondered how well it’d translate, and slapped bass really brought a whole new feel – quite possibly the best part of the performance for me.  Then came a cover of ‘Melt’ by the Mystery Jets and ‘Ain’t Nobody’ by Shaka Khan, both of which were done really well; stylistically delivered and really nicely played.

But as I came out of the gig, I did have a strange sense that I’d seen a completely different band.  Nothing online by them sounded anything like the band, and neither of the songs I could find online were played on the night, to which I have no explanation.

Anyhow, overall it was an energetic and enjoyable gig that I think sounded good, despite the recordings to live performance confusion.

One last thing I want to say is about the support band. Patawawa, a three-piece disco troupe from Matlock, were really fun and I enjoyed them a huge amount.  I would rate them highly.

By Mitchell Nunn



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