Album Review: The Wombats – ‘Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life’

The Wombats’ new album was released on the 9th Feb, three years after their previous album ‘Glitterbug’ and ahead of their UK tour next month. On first listen, the album combines sounds from both ‘This Modern Glitch’ and ‘Glitterbug’ to form a sound that mixes old and new and has worked so well for them in the past.

The opening song ‘Cheetah Tongue’ has lead singer Matthew Murphy’s distinct vocals over the top of a slower, more melodic background making it sound different to what they have previously released yet strangely familiar.

The second song on the album, ‘Lemon to a Knife Fight’ was the first single to be released from the album and ups the pace, detailing the journey of fighting a losing battle: inspired by an argument between Murph and his wife.

Progressing, the third song on the album was the second single to be released- ‘Turn’- a catchy song that is sure to please crowds even if it isn’t the most upbeat.  ‘White Eyes’ has an unusual sound for The Wombats, focusing on the main guitar at the start rather than the vocals, and has a melancholic feel, but is oddly addictive to listen to.

Another stand out song off the album is ‘Lethal Combination’ which takes the band back to the sounds of their second album, and even has a similar story line to ‘Walking Disaster’.

Overall, this album has combined the best parts from the band’s previous albums whilst keeping their core sounds and lyric style at the heart of their music. The melancholic and poetic lyrics continue to stand out above catchy background music and crowd-pleasing choruses which crowds will be sure to be singing along to throughout the UK tour.

The Wombats are due to play a sold out show at Rock City on 21st March.

Photo courtesy of Pomona

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