Preview: The Pigeon Detectives @ Rescue Rooms

Having formed in 2004 and first emerging in 2007 with their debut album ‘Wait For Me’, The Pigeon Detectives are showing that they’ve still got what it takes over ten years on with their fifth album ‘Broken Glances’. Despite the tremendous success of their first two, and with the former going platinum, they have tried to take a step in another direction following the release of their next two, gaining significantly less interest. Ditching the old grittier style of power chords and drums under lyrics about teenage demise and splitting up with girlfriends, they have opted for a more laidback sound with softer vocals.

Moving away from the standard indie rock style that was so popular when their first two albums were released, they’re starting to find a sound of their own with more genuine, reflective tracks, and with less apparent effort to fit in with the norm. Their new producer has pushed them to achieve their potential and while this doesn’t yet seem to have been reached, this influence along with raw talent developed over more than a decade of performing has helped them make a solid album, albeit not one that will get as much recognition as the first two. Highlights like ‘Wolves’, ‘Enemy Lines’ and ‘Postcards’ show the band’s ability to put together brilliant songs. Whilst songs such as ‘Lose Control’ and ‘Stay With Me’ reflect the band’s roots, with a jagged punchy sound, others such as soft piano-led ‘Falling In Love’ and electronic, hushed-vocal ‘Sounding The Alarm’ are unlike anything the band has produced before. It’s a step in the right direction and a promising improvement on their fourth album ‘We Met At Sea’.

Whilst it will take a lot more to impress as much as their first two did, in a time where bands such as Catfish and the Bottlemen are selling out stadiums with a similar indie style, Matt Bowman and the rest of the band are returning with a vengeance and a matured sound. Last year’s tour of intimate venues proved hugely popular, selling out rapidly, and reminded fans just how potent a live act they are. With frequent scissor kicks and stage dives, Bowman commands an audience’s attention masterfully. However, with ‘Broken Glances’ debuting a more relaxed sound for the band, it will interesting to see how a typically high-energy frontman can pull off romantic, piano-based song ‘Falling In Love’.  Nevertheless, this is a gig not to be missed.

The Pigeon Detectives are coming to Rescue Rooms on March 9th.

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