The Orielles @ Rescue Rooms

With their eclectic mix of dream-pop, acid house and post-punk influences amongst many others, it would be unfair to attempt to define the Orielles by the genre which they fall into. Indeed, when a band walks out to A Guy Called Gerald’s Hacienda classic “Voodoo Ray”, then you know that you are in for a treat. They brought their tour to Rescue Rooms in Nottingham on Thursday night, delivering a show to illustrate why they are one of the UK’s most exciting young bands.

While the quirks of the Orielles are strikingly visible through the mind-bending combination of influences and wonderfully obscure lyrics, the outstanding musicianship cannot be overlooked. Fronting the band, Esmé Dee combined bass duties with dreamy vocals, an art which can be tricky to pull off. Only two weeks before I had watched Joy Division and New Order legend Peter Hook struggle to combine the two. Therefore, it is hats off to Esmé Dee for mastering her skill with such ease. Meanwhile, guitarist Henry indulges in his playing; often appearing positively lost in a haze of his intriguing riffs and rhythms, here is a guy who clearly loves to perform. Furthermore, drummer Sidonie B and new keyboardist Alex should not be forgotten for their excellence in their respective crafts. This band make a strong team.

The band performed the majority of songs from their 2018 debut album titled ‘Silver Dollar Moment’. This was also accompanied by earlier EP singles and the lead song from their most recent EP; ‘Bobbi’s Second World’, a mysterious song based around the alternative universe experiences of a cat named Bobbi. It is that mystery, that silliness which makes the Orielles such a great band to watch.

Between songs, guitarist Henry further contributed humour into the atmosphere in a typically Northern English way. In the unlikely event that his musical career does not work out then maybe a career in stand-up comedy is a possibility.

In support of the Orielles was five-piece Glaswegian band Lylo. Their line up included the presence of a saxophonist, a presence which should be encouraged in every single musical act in the world. Lylo also portray a fun loving image with a variety of dancing and jumping around on stage mixed in with their 1980’s feelin’ tunes, with one audience member comparing them to Canadian act BADBADNOTGOOD. A band to keep an eye on for sure.

The Heavenly Records label is full of exciting young bands at the moment and the Orielles are leading that pack. Despite exposure from BBC 6Music, it cannot be long until this band go on to even bigger things and with a second album on the horizon, this could be sooner rather than later.

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