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This week at The Mic we have a scorching selection of tracks that fit rather aptly in this weather. Enjoy new tunes from the likes of Pixey, Sam Fender, and Architects.

Memories – Trashed

Bristol-based emo-punks Trashed are back with another banger! Ahead of the release of their debut album later this year they’ve just put out the third single from the record, Memories. It’s all about heartbreak and getting over someone, a situation I think we can pretty much all associate with, and it's written in the band’s trademark style of quiet verses to loud choruses, with the sound being quite reminiscent of the band's debut single (and my favourite song of theirs) Waste Away. As a long-time listener of the band, it’s brilliant to be able to chart their progression both in terms of their songwriting ability and also with the evolution of their sound, but it’s great to hear them playing something that reminds me of why I started to love them in the first place! With this being the third single from their upcoming record, and all of them being great songs, I recommend you jump on the Trashed bandwagon now so you can say you liked them before they got big, because it isn’t long till the album drops, so get listening now! Jake Longhurst

you’re not that special – Maggie Lindemann

A name I’ve become increasingly familiar and fond of, pop-punk sweetheart Maggie Lindemann has hit us with another cathartic tune this summer. I’ve charted her journey since her debut album PARANOIA which featured a song with experimental mogul Siiickbrain whose addition to any track transforms it into something unpredictable. For a long time, I associated Maggie’s sound with only this, but during her recent releases, she has rebirthed herself as a stand-alone artist who picks her collaborations intricately. you’re not that special demonstrates how vulnerable and fearless an artist is when they allow themselves to feel the force of influence, and truly how great an artist can become when they place themselves in a wider musical scene. This track stands the test of the new wave of pop-punk, complementing the work of other young female artists making such music at the moment, like WILLOW. I’m a very happy witness to this new movement, and even happier that it’s being largely led by women this time! Roxann Yus

Recycled Paper Planes – Pixey Pixey’s Recycled Paper Planes is the perfect festival-friendly single to enjoy in the heat this summer. This sunshine-filled track is packed with some Y2K-esque vocals, groovy riffs and infectiously upbeat percussion. The juxtaposition between the anxious lyrics about recycling the dreams of others contrasts interestingly with the bright feel of the song, representing that nagging feeling that nothing is original. The sugary sweet production is even more impressive when you consider that the song was crafted in her bedroom in just one day. Once again, the rising star proves that she’s not going anywhere, building an impressive catalogue of indie pop bops. Isobel Morris

Alright – Sam Fender

Originally released as a 2022 Record Store Day Special B-side to The Kitchen, Alright is Sam Fender’s latest release which follows on extremely well from the indie-rock songs that have defined his career so far. Alright depicts Fender singing of life’s struggles, following tropes of hit song Seventeen Going Under, yet the hint of optimism offered in the track makes it a welcome change from his previous bleaker discography. The chorus of “we’re alright, we’re alright, it’s time to put the world to rights” is simple yet effective in its delivery, offering his fans a helpful shoulder when they may be struggling. When paired with the bursting instrumental opening that sets the track’s definitive structure and memorability, this song will not be leaving my head for a long time. Amrit Virdi

Hush – Stick To Your Guns

After seeing these guys for the first time at 2000Trees Festival last weekend, I regained my love for them and had to review their new single this week! Stick To Your Guns are a celebrated hardcore band, and this song is the second single released ahead of an upcoming album. Hush features the signature abrasive guitar tone that has long been a staple of the Californian’s sound, as well as a half-time breakdown with the ever-popular hardcore stylistic addition of gang vocals and a chant. The song promises that the listener will “answer for what [they’ve] done” with all the conviction necessary to make you slightly worried you’ve actually done something wrong and that the band really are out to get you. But the only problem with this is that you’ll probably be far too busy headbanging to realise that they are after you. Jake Longhurst

Riptide – Beartooth

Beartooth have released a surprise new single Riptide. The single goes against the grain of Beartooth's previous discography, with Caleb Shomo focusing the track on his recovery and fresh start. It comes to no surprise this track is upbeat and veers away from the negativity of life as Caleb Shomo proudly announces his long-running streak of being over 6 months sober. This track is arguably the first hopeful and happy-sounding track the band has produced following the dark and weighty studio album Below released last year. Riptide features new electronic elements, broadening the creative horizons for Beartooth. The track has a groundwork of a rhythmic riff and bass line that breaks and crescendos into a lighter more melodic chorus. The chorus then dives back into the classic metalcore sound focusing on the guitars with harsher backing vocals. Despite the new take on the metalcore genre for the band, Riptide still features the guitar-heavy, ripping breakdown that is iconic within the band's most loved music. Heavier moments are scattered throughout the song, such as screaming vocals; however, the track feels like a Beartooth version of dance, especially without the darker themes that have been a staple for the band. Riptide solidly pushes the boundaries for the band with something light-hearted and fun whilst showcasing their openness for experimentation. Kerenza Hudson

Alter Ego – lozeak

I’ve kept my eye on lozeak for a while now since she was scouted and recommended by Bring Me The Horizon’s frontman, Oli Sykes. Only this month did the new hyper-pop star play Temple of Fun’s first Greebo night, alongside new metal favourite Static Dress and ethereal wonder Alissic. At only 19 years old, lozeak’s discography is expectedly quite short, but it already has a staple sound and polish you’d expect from an artist who’s made music for decades. Alter Ego is a fun and danceable tune that likely soundtracks the rollercoaster life of many teenagers, highlighting wavering confidence, love and relationships. This Alter Ego that lozeak has created is full of confidence and mirrors the popular teen girl we’ve all watched in TV shows and movies. In fact, this song would fit perfectly in a lot of teen movies: one that comes to mind is newest craze Heartstopper. New music is to come from Spotify’s misfit, and I can’t wait to hear it! Roxann Yus

tear gas – Architects

With yet another song that is the second single ahead of an upcoming album release, there seems to be some consistency between a few of these recs this week! Architects are one of the United Kingdom’s biggest metal bands right now and songs like this are the reason why. Coming along with the surprise announcement of a new album in October, tear gas joins previously-released single when we were young as the first two releases off of the upcoming LP. It features some more electronic stylistics than have been seen before by the band, as well as a biting guitar tone that is much more in line with the group’s previous output. Sam Carter, the lead singer, seems to have almost embraced a Bring Me The Horizon style of vocals now, mixing between beautiful cleans, slight whispers, clean-ish growls, and stadium-filling howls, all of which really add to the dynamics of the song and make it a very re-listenable song. The drums are more simple than most of what’s come before, with a minimal, almost anthemic beat from behind the kit on the song backing up the aforementioned biting guitar. If the first two singles are anything to go by, this may well be one of the most exciting records of the year. Jake Longhurst


Edited by: Roxann Yus

Featured image courtesy of Beartooth via Facebook.